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Research Associate, Department of Chemistry

Chemistry Building, Room 296


  • BS, University of Maryland College Park, 1991
  • PhD, University of Virginia, 1997

My main focus in the Chemistry Department is the Biochemistry Laboratory Courses, CHEM4411 and CHEM4421. These courses comprise a year-long curriculum where students experimentally and computationally determine the function of a protein of interest. These courses have been designed to meet the recommendations of the NSF and others to reform the way science is taught. In these courses, student learning is inquiry-based, with the goal that the students gain a deep understanding of how to do science by becoming completely immersed in their unique project. My specific roles in these courses are to assist with curriculum design, implementation, and assessment; to facilitate communication between the instructors and teaching assistants; and to facilitate the courses by maintaining well-supplied labs with the chemicals and equipment needed to conduct the research.