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Known Structure, Unknown Function: An Inquiry-based Undergraduate Biochemistry Lab Course

Cynthia Gray†, Carol W. Price†, Christopher T. Lee, Alison H. Dewald, Matthew A. Cline, Charles E. McAnany, Linda Columbus* & Cameron Mura* Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Education (2015; in press) †Equally contributing authors; *Reprint available (; Abstract: Undergraduate biochemistry lab courses often do not provide students with an authentic research experience, particularly when the […]

An Introduction to Biomolecular Simulations and Docking

This guide introduces the physical & computational foundations of biomolecular simulations and molecular docking, which are two core methodologies in contemporary biochemical research.

An Introduction to Biomolecular Graphics

This guide introduces the science and art of biomolecular graphics, both in principle and as practiced in structural and computational biology.