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Assessment > Student Experiences: A Retrospective Survey

A major aim in BioLEd’s development and implementation has been to teach undergraduate biochemistry majors how to conduct scientific research in a realistic setting. Were this achieved, a direct consequence should be a sustained increase in student confidence levels in their scientific knowledge and abilities, as well as a positive overall experience. Post-course surveys were created and emailed to students who have completed both semesters of BioLEd.

Of the 56 respondents, 92% reported that they had earned a cumulative grade of ‘B’ or better in the two semesters; this is consistent with the typical average course grade over two semesters (an 84.6%, SD=6.75). Representative results from these retrospective surveys are summarized in the Figure below, and many of our findings are described in further detail by Gray et al. in BAMBEd (2015).

Figure 1

Figure 1: Retrospective surveys of recent BioLEd students.