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UVA undergraduates present at SURC 2014

On Thursday, January 30th, The Columbus Lab undergraduates drove to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville to attend the 46th Southeast Undergraduate Research Conference. Graduate students, Ashton Brock and Jennifer Martin and Linda joined them for the adventure.


Nana Bosomtwe presented a poster entitled Thermophilic Coupling Enzymes: Enabling Functional Studies at Physiological Temperatures and was the recipient of a travel award to the conference.



Elleansar Okwei presented a poster entitled Unraveling Aminotransferase Specificity: The activity of TM1131, TM1698, and TM1255 and received a Best Poster Presentation Award in the Biochemical division.

Jessica Yoo presented a poster entitled Progress Towards Co-crystallization of the Broad Range Thermoplasma acidophilum nucleoside kinase (TaNK) with Substrates.